Press Release: Today’s Group deal brings full-service tech solution to financial sector

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                    16th February 2023

Today’s Group deal brings full-service tech solution to financial sector

Broker & Asset Management company Today’s Group has announced a shareholding deal with SaaS firm DMA that will allow it to offer European financial services companies an all-in-one technology solution.

Increasing regulation within the European financial sector has placed demands on the industry to further digitise in order to comply with data-driven requirements. But for many firms, identifying and implementing the technology required is an onerous and costly task, with neither retrofitting nor building systems from scratch providing an ideal solution.

Today’s Group, via DMA’s technology, will now be able to offer financial services companies innovative modular technologies that integrate front, middle and back-office functions. By leveraging these shared services, partners can enjoy reduced operating costs, greater productivity and the potential to grow at scale. This allows asset managers, fund managers, wealth managers and advisers to consolidate their assets under one solution that caters for the entire investment lifecycle of their clients.

“With DMA’s technology, we as Today’s Group believe it will add value to the financial industry as it will reduce operational costs. It will become the all-in-one SaaS for institutional investors, retirement funds and independent asset managers,” said Marcel Rietveld, Director New Business & Brokerage at Today’s Group.

In looking for a software product for Today’s Group, Managing Director Frank Ammerlaan said the company recognised the broader demand for one technological solution that took the variety of needs of financial services firms into account.

“We know that for many asset managers, proven technology is often the missing link,” he said. “Companies might offer a traditional ‘high touch’ service that provides personal attention, but know that they need to move to a ‘high touch, high tech’ offering that enables them to provide clients the very best service that integrated technology can provide.”

South Africa-based DMA, which services more than 150 institutional investors, provides a well-established software solution in one package. Today’s Group partnership with DMA will allow it to bring this full-service offering to the European market, and provide financial firms with a cost- and time-effective technological product. The DMA technology is already integrated into custodians in the country, so facilitating partner needs will not require a lengthy development cycle.

“It takes time and money to build or retrofit technology systems. DMA’s technology is designed to simplify investment management processes while taking into account regulatory requirements, giving asset managers the ability to focus on their core business,” says DMA CEO Richard North.



Today’s Group B.V. (Today’s Group) is a Broker and Asset Manager that offers services to institutional, professional and retail investors. Today’s Group is licenced by the AFM and DNB and has a membership with Euronext, Kifid and DSI.

Today’s Group has been in the financial industry for 30 years via various mergers.

The company was founded in 1993.  A merger between Kuperus Effecten and DCM Brokers formed the company Mijn Effecten in 2009. In 2019 MIJN Effecten expanded by adding the partners Fountain Capital Advisory and Today’s Beheer. Vladeracken joined Today’s Group at the end of 2020.

In 2020, the firm changed its name to Today’s Group B.V. It is privately owned by the executive management and independent shareholders.



One DMA Holdings B.V is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCM DMA (Pty) Ltd (DMA), a technology and financial services firm based in South Africa.

DMA has subsidiaries in Mauritius and the United Kingdom (collectively with DMA, the DMA Group), all of which is licensed and regulated to provide financial services within their respective jurisdictions.

Collectively, the DMA Group entities administer over 15 billion Euros of assets and services through its integrated Software as a Service (SaaS).  DMA’s proprietary platforms and execution services are further provided to a broad range of regulated mutual funds to enhance compliance and regulatory reporting.


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